Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Regular followers and friends may know that I took one of the Schoolism online courses this summer, Stephen Silver's Character Design course. It did absolute wonders for my design approach and motivation.

See some of the work I produced in my current PORTFOLIO.

The site also offers many other types of courses, from Storyboarding to Digital Painting, from Gesture Drawing to Comic Illustration.

As I am an Alumnus, Ive been given a secret key in the from of a discount code that will get you $50 the normal price. Every little helps right? So if you've been considering doing one of these classes, now is as good a time as any! Just click the big green thingy below or on the side bar!


  1. Finally we get to see the goodness! Great work! I have to step my game up.

  2. how i wish i could afford it

  3. love the fact you've done this course, i love this course. I might have to save the pennys and apply to this course. Your Portfolio is looking sweeeet too.

  4. reeeally fantastic!!! i absolutely love all the new stuff you put in, my favorite are the raccoon sketches! your zoo trips were well worth it =)


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