Monday, 31 October 2011


Ive been incredibly lazy with drawing recently. Tonight I made some time to sit down and do some hermit style life drawing! Love those nights when you get really into it and its actually fun! As opposed to those day you cant draw anything for sh*t! Out of practice and it shows (especially with the female models!), but hopefully Ill get back into the swing of it soon.


  1. The first woman with the spear is awesome!!!

  2. That's pretty impressive;one night or one WEEK!
    I take it these are from Pixel lovely...unless you have lots of naked people dropping in. We did! It WAS Hallowe'en after all.

  3. Looks great Gillian :)
    sometime it's good to be lazy :)

  4. I've got a new favourite site for drawing reference now!, check it out!

  5. i love sword lady number 3!! really cool post =D


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