Thursday, 13 October 2011


Since wrapping up on my portfolio (as I could work on it endlessly, I just had to say stop!) Ive had some free time to myself. Time to just draw whatever I want without any pressure on my back.

Ive been catching up on some TV and films...always a great source of inspiration for character design. Not a great caricature but can anyone tell who this is supposed to be?


  1. I would say it's Jim from The Office!
    I actually, at first glance thought of him and started wondering "is it he?"
    Now that I read you were watching TV, that is definitely my guess! hahaha
    But maybe his image is already stuck in my head that I can't think about anyone else!
    Great drawing, by the way. Simple and well done =)

  2. Good work, keep going ! (Thanks for visit my blog).


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