Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bang Bang

Feeling poorly today, I didnt go to work but instead stayed at home and did this design for AIB Jumble, a drawing group for ex students from my old University.

Its a shape challenge. Kinda like those ink prints therapists show their patients.

I saw blood.....


  1. You hit it out the park with the shape challange! Nice design!

  2. Very very nice ^^ love it !!

    For answer your question , no i don't have a online store yet, but the geisha pics and other will be soon available to buy at a decent price at this adress : its a online frenchgallery, i also going to submit othr stuff to nucleus gallery.
    i wish you a good evening my friend !

    best jpk

  3. Love it! Though your bloodlust is starting to worry me...

  4. I love the flowy shapes of the coat!

  5. very nice!! the shapes are really awesome!

  6. Nice design, she makes me think of Cruella in the "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" :)


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