Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Parc Merveilleux...Encore Encore!

Another trip to Parc Merveilleix, that's once every month since August! Not too shabby! Ill see how cold it is in November before I promise to go back again.

Spent more time drawing animals I usually skip. And I didnt even see the crocodiles before! Guess that shows how good natures camouflage design is.

Oh, and possibly some bad news. The raccoon closure *seems* to have gone from 3 guests to 2...Shakers was nowhere to be seen. Stay tuned for news in November :(


  1. Oooo, lovely lovely!!!
    Especially diggn those water colour creatures!! Very pretty :P

    On no, not liking the news of missing "shakers" :(
    Raccoons dont die, i bet he has just been released into the wild with a banjo and a walking stick :P

    Keep up the pretty pretty stuff!! YOur folio is gunna be burting by CTNx!! yayie!! :D

  2. Wow, Gillian!!
    Now I'm embarrassed of the drawings on my blog! hahaha
    Very well done!! *o*

  3. Great Colour! I always struggle to do location sketches in colour. It seems so much easier just to use pencil or ink. Well done on adding colour to yours. Absolutely love the movements you've captured.

  4. Awesome drawings! you've now defiantly made my mind up about going drawing to the zoo this weekend! The water colour of the parrot is really nice and also I love that the second crocodile who looks hungry is blatantly looking at the bird in the drawing below!! yum yum

  5. Unless I'm insane, you've changed your banner? I REALLY like it!!!

  6. Thanks everyone. Keep Shakers in your thoughts!

    I have changed my banner Rico, although you are probably still insane!

  7. Sweet inspirations! Gotta develop some of my skills in this area too. :D
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  8. Ah, that parrot is so awesome! :)

  9. Awesome! and I also love the bird in your new banner, it must be from "le parc merveilleux".

  10. Gorgeous stuff. I want to draw like you!


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