Thursday, 4 August 2011

Old Shizzle

Updating my portfolio this weekend, I tried to dig out some old sketchbooks that I hadn't scanned but to my astonishment, I couldnt find them anywhere! After a few days panic at lost sketchbooks, Matt came home and found them sitting in the corner! Yey! So here's just some doodles that I did during my time in Annecy this year...usually when the Animes were on....OOOOH...BURN! Im kidding, Tibetan Dog was actually OK. Forget Colorful though...


  1. These are great! Love the shapes your getting!

  2. thank you for comments :)

    yep, Tangled event was amazing, and portfolio feedback so helpful, it was my first event like that so you can imagine how stressed I was :)

    I saw you were in Annecy ? how was it ? I wish I could be there... :(
    but I am going to Ctn Expo in November.. and I am super excited because I've never been in California before :)
    Are you plan to go there as well ?

    btw. I love LOVE your sketches and character design work


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