Sunday, 28 August 2011

Madame Cecile is coming to life!

Really got to work hard on this character this weekend, and I think that I'm starting to really get a sense of who she is. Designing the face is so damn hard but I guess it is the most important feature for a character!

What do you think? What kind of person is she coming across to you as?


  1. She flows nice; wonderful stature. I'm surprised to see her in any 'troubled' expressions 'cause she seems so confident in the color sketch. Like the freckle/ tatoo patterns on her cheeks.

  2. P.S. I've gone back in your blog to look at all-things-Cecile. Nice trip!

  3. i tried to type a Quote here but i failed ...any way ...The end of the difficulties are something successful.....
    even i thought that one tooth thing will be useful as a Characteristic thing for her...But u replaced it but that little skull which make it better...well done Gilli
    but are u sure about the name .?? Cecile is an Aristocratic name a little bit, it's Just my opinion .

  4. Hey Gilli, nice character development. I feel that she is not quite mastered her craft yet but well on her way. The way she focuses on the skull shows she is determined to get better.

    Hope this helps.

  5. @DSM thanks for joining me on the trip with Cecile! I've given her troubled expressions because she has a demon inside her that is trying to get out...more to come later!

    @Amr thanks for the thoughts on the name. I was trying to go with something frenchy, but maybe it is too posh.

    @Darnell thank you, she is like a metaphor for me trying to get better at this stuff, hahaha!

    @nikolas thank you, it's something new to me but I thought it worked quite nicely.

  6. Amazing work outhere excellent !

  7. Very skillful linework there, Gillibean!

    As for her personality, let's see. Going by the 3rd image, kinda looks like she's doing yo-yo tricks or something? So maybe she's some kind of street performer? She enjoys entertaining people?

    Or, what Darnell said earlier works just as well. Great stuff.

  8. Love this... like the little skeleton head :)


  9. Great!! Amazing character, posing, and expression.


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