Thursday, 7 July 2011


Assignment No. 2 of my Character Design course with Stephen Silver, is tackling silhouettes at the early stage of designing a character in order to really explore shapes and forms before getting bogged down in all the details and to really get your imagination going.

The brief is to design 2 characters with the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde concept. After reading the cliff notes (I DID try to read the whole book but I just couldn't!) and looking at some other students ideas, I decided that my 2 characters would be women (as the Stevenson's story is predominantly a wiener-fest and the feminist inside me wanted to draw) based in the early 1900s. Jekyll is Madame Cecile, the local voodoo Queen of Louisiana and Hyde is an embodiment of the evil spirit Locyta, who Cecile often communicates with to access the afterlife in order to help her community with her magic. Deep. I know.

Madame Cecile.


Voodoo Reference.


  1. wowee... digital scratchboards. These are really fun!

  2. love the silhouettes, especially Madame Cecile!

  3. "wiener-fest" lol
    Love the 1st silhouette/2nd row on the first page, and the penultimate on the 2nd page. Nice!

  4. these are super nice! I especially like the third from the left in the middle row of the evil ones :)

  5. and the one on the first page that Laurent mentions too

  6. These look fantastic! uber jealous, they look soooo good!

  7. Thanks everyone! Those are my favourite ones too Laurent! Youll be seeing them again here soon!

  8. Gillian, I absolutely love these. I realise that they're just silhouette sketches, but I was wondering if you'd give me license to use a couple on a flyer for a Voodoo-themed NYE event I'm running this year. They are absolutely ideal for the feel of the night!


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