Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Head Studies

I really shouldn't post the first few images in this post cause they are just traced images, but I thought I would anyway as they are part of a head study that was daunting at first but I reckon the more of those I do, the better I'll get at understanding the mystery that is the human head and its expressions!

The other images are of a semi-realistic sketch of a models face then interpreted into caricatures based on basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles. Another tough exercise but kind of fun.


  1. Your drawings are so cool it's so nice to follow your blog, it's damn good !!!

    Keep going gill !

  2. Great stuff. Really like the shape exploration you did for different heads and stuff. Saw your post on the Vis Dev group on LinkedIn and figured I'm come check it out. Really nice gestures and stuff in your portfolio too. Looks like you studied Vilppu or something. :] Good luck to you!

  3. These are fantastic! i love the bottom page especially. You did a great job pushing your shapes!

  4. agreed last page is awesome :)

  5. Aww thanks peeps! Im pretty new at this facial business, good to hear some positive feedback! Sketchcrawl this weekend, so Ill put these new skills to practise on the public! Oh dear....


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