Thursday, 14 July 2011

Animal Studies: Horses and the like...

Firstly, sorry for this massive horse pose. If this is your first visit to my blog...I AM NOT A HORSE FREAK!!!

Back to work on a new TV series this week has been great, glad to be back in a routine and to be around other people! However, on the down side, I have less time for my personal projects during the week, so they are being saved for the weekend. Meanwhile, I wanted to take the opportunity to spend an hour or two sketching again.

While catching up with my pet hamster's day (I am also NOT a hamster freak) I started to thumb through CHRIS AYRES DAILY ZOO book, which reminded me...I cant draw animals. I never draw them. My hamster is too fast to draw or cuddled up in all her bed fluff and I can't see her! Usually, I'm out and about drawing people as they go by, but never animals.

So, thumbing through KEN HULTGREN's THE ART OF ANIMAL DRAWING, I started to do little sketches from his book then went onto the wonderful PIXELOVELY gesture drawing wesbite, which I've mentioned before. It has a wonderful library of all kinds of animals and skeletons. All the animal images here were drawn in the comfort of my city apartment using PIXELOVELY's photos as reference.

Hopefully, when the weather picks up a little bit, I'll get out to see some REAL animals! (No offence Pepper (hamster...)


  1. These are lovely Gilli-Bean!!
    I really linke your line work.
    It so important to study. David Colman has lots of wonderful tutorials. Im sure you have already checked them out, but if you haven't, Do it NOW!!!

    I'll go animal sketching with ya!! (i prefer to draw animals to people) That doesn;t mean i'm any gud at it, i just prefer it.... Maybe coz i get on better with animals rather than people?? I dunno!!

    HOpe work is going well?
    Would love to see you and Mat out here for CTN. Let me know if you can make it. Wud be swell to see ya!!
    Tell matt, We'll go to 'Pink Berry'!! :P

    awesome work like always dude!!
    Keep 'um coming!!
    All the bestest,

  2. These are GREAT :D I find horses to be one of the most difficult animals to draw, you've totally nailed these! Great stuff!

  3. Thank you fellas! horses are tough ones! i never thought i could drqw them, but i had quite a lot of fun with these. I love their wiggly legs!

    Tori! we should make a trip to the zoo in griffith park when we are there! you can teach me your animals drawing ways!

  4. I love your animal studies. Your line work is full of energy and action. I love how you convey motion as well.

  5. Awesome work pal!
    I liked all of theem and took one as an inspiration source for my drawing , !
    i'll give you the link to it as soon as it id finished....and also give credits..!


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