Monday, 11 July 2011

Al Capone

Here's a little sketch for today, of legend....wait for it.....dary, gangster Alphonse Capone. Hoping to take this through to a full render, if time allows it this week.

I never really knew who he was or why he was notorious but a couple of years ago when I visited Alcatraz prison, THE best tour guide was telling a tale of Capone, as if he was there with him in his jail cell and knew the guy. If I wasn't a cheap skate, I woulda tipped him BIG TIME! But he remains in my memory along with the story of Al Capone.

Get on youtube and watch a quick documentary about him or even watch HBO series, Boardwalk Empire to find out a bit of history about the Prohibition-Era in the 1920's and this brutal mob boss.

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