Friday, 13 September 2013

Nate Wragg's Character Design for Production

Over the summer, I have been taking Nate Wragg's second character design course on CGMA and it's been brilliant! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in filling up their portfolio to a more professional standard and learning a new approach to going through the steps involved in character design and model packs. 

The course takes you through 8 weeks with one character, exploring poses, facial expressions, turnarounds, story moments and a hero pose. In addition, Nate also gives you feed back to each assignment and 1 hour each week for a live Q&A where he answers pretty much anything you ask him (anything animation related of course!)

The character I came up with was a big rugged fisherman who had a secret passion for theatre performance. 

Below is a bunch of sketches I went through on the course. I will be adding all the final work to my portfolio soon, so stay tuned!  

And good luck if you choose to take either of his courses!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nelly the Elephant packed her trunk...

The first of a few characters I'm working on. Can you guess the theme?! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

CTNX 2013!

 Eeeep! It's only a couple of months away now and things are starting to come together. I've got a brand new table buddy, Craig 'Kegg' Knowles, a fellow British character designer and animator. We'll be over at T-27 near some amazing talent (Justin Rodrigues, Brett Bean, Chris Ayres, OMG!) 

I will be selling a brand new character sketchbook, as well as some new prints. 

I look forward to meeting some news face and seeing the old ones! 

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