Saturday, 25 May 2013

tiger tiger tiger...

I was getting so into my tigers and zoo studies, but then work got mega busy and I've neglected them a bit. Hopefully I'll back into it soon :(

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Teaching =)

Last week I was kindly invited back to my old Uni to give a talk on Character Design. What an honour! To be considered good enough to impart my bit of knowledge onto vulnerable students!

To help illustrate the points I was making, I took an old design from my graduation film and completely redesigned him. 


And this is how he looked 5 years ago!

A good improvement I hope! 

Ive not included all my notes but maybe you can get what I'm on about from the images below. Let me know if you found this useful at all!
Boxy design.

 More boxiness throughout the design.
Curves are important too, for volume. 
 Shape Language.
 Leading the eye.
 Using costume to describe the form.
Silhouettes, even within the form.

Negative space.


Thanks to all the Bomo students who listened to my talk. I hope it was of some use for your upcoming film pitches!