Monday, 26 November 2012


Well hello there! Finally back from the States after almost two whole weeks of fun in the sun! CTNX was sandwiched between some lovely holiday time in San Diego and LA but I'm sure you dont want to hear about my holiday! But I will bore you with tales from CTNX!

It was frikkin' awesome!

Thanks to everyone who was able to stop by and say hello and have a quick chat, it was great putting faces to all those Twitter names! 

Highlights included:

Sharing a booth with 3 awesome guys (and an honourary 4th!) It wouldn't have been half as much fun without them and it would never have happened without them so thank you Mike, Mike and Jez! (and Matt)

Sitting in a booth right next to Matt Jones and his honourary guest Matt Cruickshank.

Having Pete De Seve touch my London Sketchbook and say kind things about it without me even asking! 

Brett Bean, Dean Yeagle and Nancy Kruse actually buying copies of my London Sketchbook. 

Having Napoleon Dynamite browsing our stall...but me not realising it til he walked away. 

Hanging out with new friends Justin Rodrigues, Rachel, Cale Atkinson, JessikaVon, Bruno Chelerdimian. 

Stuart Ng wanting the rest of my sketchbooks for his shop.

Getting some fine ass art books direct from the artists!

And for those who couldnt be there, you really missed a great one! So make sure you get there next year! 

The books and prints I was selling at the expo will all be available on Etsy shortly! So don't forget to check it out!

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello fellow bloggers. I just have some new information for you before I shoot of on holiday for a couple of weeks. 

#1 on the agenda is that next weekend is CTNX 2012! How frikkin excited am I?! As I'm sure many of you are, who are lucky enough to be attending. This year is the first time that I will have a table, sharing with the wonderfully talented and equally as lovely Jez Tuya, Mike Collins and Mike Morris, under the name of Tiki Machine

So please, if you are there, come say hello! You may need to introduce yourself with your blogger/twitter name! Ah the time we live in...

This is my face and my boyfriend Matt's face, who will also be there with me. We will probably be eating chocolate.

You can find us at Booth B-45 next to Focal Press and the very talented Matt Jones and James Pidgeon (I will be trying so hard to be cool and not nerd out next to them :S).

I will have prints of my recent Narnia work available as well as my London Sketchbook and the collaborative Illustrated Legends of the Old West book. 

#2 on the agenda is an AWARD! The TED-ed animated lecture Chemical Reactions, which I did the character designs for has won the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Silver Dolphin trophy! 

Well done and thank you to everyone over at Cognitive Media

You can also see some of the design I did for a different TED-ed animated lecture about Ancient Rome on this blog.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turkish Delight.

Another Narnia piece to experiment with backgrounds and story telling, which I seriously lack skills in!

Here we see the White Witch bribing Edmund with Turkish Delight in order for him to bring all the Pevensie children back to Narnia to meet their untimely doom!

Below is a step by step process I used to reach the final image.  

And like always, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Me Manwich!

You've probably been well bored of seeing all that Narnia stuff! So here's something new I did for the Cup-o-doodle blog.