Wednesday, 7 August 2013


About a year ago, my lovely friend Drew Roper from Yamination Studios kindly offered for me the opportunity to design the characters for his upcoming stop-motion short, At-Issue. 

Being the super talent that he is, Drew won the Sky Futures Fund prize and has been working away on making his ideas materialise into a real stop motion film. Not an easy task, Im sure you know. He has been amazing at bringing together a whole bunch of talent and bringing Bartholomew to life! 

You can view a short video about what he has done so far on the Sky Arts website HERE Definitely worth the watch! What a fantastic achievement and he's not even finished yet! I cannot wait to see the film piece.

Below are some exploratory poses to find his character, early colour ideas, expressions and secondary character designs. They were done over a year ago but I'm still quite happy with them. I guess that's thanks to Drew's creation of a believable character



And here's the man himself...Bartholomew!

Yamination Studios