Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turkish Delight.

Another Narnia piece to experiment with backgrounds and story telling, which I seriously lack skills in!

Here we see the White Witch bribing Edmund with Turkish Delight in order for him to bring all the Pevensie children back to Narnia to meet their untimely doom!

Below is a step by step process I used to reach the final image.  

And like always, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! 


  1. Gillian, this looks fantastic! Great job!

  2. love it! maybe you can make the witch stand out more? because she kind of looks like one of the trees...unless that was your intention? :) but really beautiful work and art style nonetheless :D

    1. Good point! I thought the same too and then couldnt decide if I wanted her to be tree like or stand out more. I think I made the wrong choice! Thanks!

  3. Hi Gilli,

    I always find it tough to give suggestions but you asked so here goes... IF I wanted to make the queen stand out, I might try making the white of her headpiece a darker black then the black stripes, I would also add a thin band on the black stripes with yellow or a colour that draws attention, I thought yellow b/c it compliments her eyes and resembles the body of a bee which could sting you if you aren't careful?

    I really hope you don't mind that I did this.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments, you got some real good ideas there! I like the yellow idea. Very clever! I'll see if I can find time to improve it, but for now it's already been printed and in my portfolio! So it will have to do!

      Thanks again,

      Gillian x

  4. I'll be sure to swing by your booth at CTN to see the rest of the Narniart.

    till then,

  5. I have to agree with Jeca about the witch. Besides that, everything else is fine and great! ^_^


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