Monday, 26 November 2012


Well hello there! Finally back from the States after almost two whole weeks of fun in the sun! CTNX was sandwiched between some lovely holiday time in San Diego and LA but I'm sure you dont want to hear about my holiday! But I will bore you with tales from CTNX!

It was frikkin' awesome!

Thanks to everyone who was able to stop by and say hello and have a quick chat, it was great putting faces to all those Twitter names! 

Highlights included:

Sharing a booth with 3 awesome guys (and an honourary 4th!) It wouldn't have been half as much fun without them and it would never have happened without them so thank you Mike, Mike and Jez! (and Matt)

Sitting in a booth right next to Matt Jones and his honourary guest Matt Cruickshank.

Having Pete De Seve touch my London Sketchbook and say kind things about it without me even asking! 

Brett Bean, Dean Yeagle and Nancy Kruse actually buying copies of my London Sketchbook. 

Having Napoleon Dynamite browsing our stall...but me not realising it til he walked away. 

Hanging out with new friends Justin Rodrigues, Rachel, Cale Atkinson, JessikaVon, Bruno Chelerdimian. 

Stuart Ng wanting the rest of my sketchbooks for his shop.

Getting some fine ass art books direct from the artists!

And for those who couldnt be there, you really missed a great one! So make sure you get there next year! 

The books and prints I was selling at the expo will all be available on Etsy shortly! So don't forget to check it out!


  1. it was great to meet and hang out with you Gillian! So frikkin dench!

  2. YO Gilli Bean!!!! Im sooo sorry i didnt get round to seeing you!!! Every time i even tried to leave my booth i got mobbed!! (The closest i'll ever get to being a rock star!) haha! ;) Seriously- i couldnt even make it to the bath room, with out getting stopped. Seriously, i never made it past the stage :( So, sadly, if people didnt come to me, i didn't get to them. Each year it gets more and more cwazy- but brilliant! I love it there! Always have a blast! I completely lost my voice by the last day! I had a giant birthday card my furry muppet friend Kirk bought for me, which he sent round the booths getting every one to sign it for me, and of course draw "Tori Cats" :) I was hoping to have got you and Matt and Jez team tiki to sqwibble in it :( Well, good thing about CTN is, each year i have been lucky enough for it to fall on my birthday- so you'll have to doodle in my card next year! :) Im so glad you had such a good time and made loads of new contacts and got real positive feed back! Thats what its all about!! Hope you had a happy thanks giving and had a super fun time in la la land :) Im gutted we didnt get the chance to hang out. Next year, we'll have to have a China/ AIB crew get together! Thom and i want to make a habit of celebrating our birthdays stateside, so you and matt will have to join us :) I really wanted to see your London sketch book. We should have done a wee trade!! Well, I'll have much more on the cards next year, as im sure you will too. We'll have to have a swap shop then :D
    bye for now

  3. Hi Gillian! I kinda said hi and never came back for that chat! No good reason but! I hope you'll be back again next year so I can try that all over again... Your sketchbook is so lovely, I hope to be able to order it online soon. :)

  4. It was really nice to hang out with you too Gillian!
    I learned and got inspired with this experience! You are an amazing artist and have a brilliant future waiting for you!


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