Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello fellow bloggers. I just have some new information for you before I shoot of on holiday for a couple of weeks. 

#1 on the agenda is that next weekend is CTNX 2012! How frikkin excited am I?! As I'm sure many of you are, who are lucky enough to be attending. This year is the first time that I will have a table, sharing with the wonderfully talented and equally as lovely Jez Tuya, Mike Collins and Mike Morris, under the name of Tiki Machine

So please, if you are there, come say hello! You may need to introduce yourself with your blogger/twitter name! Ah the time we live in...

This is my face and my boyfriend Matt's face, who will also be there with me. We will probably be eating chocolate.

You can find us at Booth B-45 next to Focal Press and the very talented Matt Jones and James Pidgeon (I will be trying so hard to be cool and not nerd out next to them :S).

I will have prints of my recent Narnia work available as well as my London Sketchbook and the collaborative Illustrated Legends of the Old West book. 

#2 on the agenda is an AWARD! The TED-ed animated lecture Chemical Reactions, which I did the character designs for has won the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Silver Dolphin trophy! 

Well done and thank you to everyone over at Cognitive Media

You can also see some of the design I did for a different TED-ed animated lecture about Ancient Rome on this blog.


  1. Whoop! Have fun and congrats!! n.n

  2. See you there Gillibean!!!
    high five for the award!!!

  3. Your character designs are so wonderful! =D congrats on the award gilface!

  4. Cant wait to see you there! I love all of your stuff and love it even more because im a super anglophile! Could you possibly put me down for one of your London Sketchbooks?


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