Monday, 5 September 2011

Mmmmm....Noodle Soup.

Sorry! ANOTHER Madame Cecile post! Sorry if my blog is getting boring cause all I'm posting at the moment is this stuff. I'm just updating my portfolio with this work so I'm spending all my time on these images. So please stick with me! And have a look at some of my new PORTFOLIO images and tell me what you think!

Oh and also! The show I was working on over the last months is on TV now, so my SHOWREEL is now unlocked! Please have a look and again...any comments and criticism is greatly welcome!


  1. You're an amazing character designer! Love the showreel!

  2. I don't Think it's Boring ,Conversely , I's Became More interisting , the new stuff Is amazing Gilli
    I'm agree with you Logan , she is amazing Character Designer .
    Great Show reel BTW

  3. Yeah, I like this wrap-up, too. Congratulations to you;congratulations to you; congratulaaations dear talented Gillian!

    Sometimes even mystics crave chicken soup!

  4. Fantastic blog! I love your work.

  5. Wow, these are really great. The style, pose, color and all. We draw smoke the same! Any way, looking great. Very inspiring. Also your portfolio is stunning. Full of great imagination, variety and life.

  6. Dang! Love this! Im your newest fan Gillian:)

  7. Thank you guys! Youre all very kind! Thanks for the song DSM! Glad you're feeling this character. Only a few more posts of her I promise! Then something new and shiny!

  8. Tu est wouahahh incroyable j'adore .... Fantastique !!!!!

  9. Hi Gillian!
    Your work is beautiful!
    I'll be followin along :)
    ah! i'll be going to CTN too!
    maybe i'll see you there!

  10. Yea! if someone would be willing to hire me!
    I don't really have an animation background and
    kinda wonder if I'm good enough!
    bah i'll add you on twitter!
    maybe easier to talk haha

  11. thank you for stopping by my blog! really appreciate the feedback!- J

  12. i totally love your madame cecile page and your people sketches!!

    portfolio looks awweeeeeeesome =D


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