Thursday, 29 September 2011


OMG! WTF! Its been 2 whole weeks since my last post! And I was doing so well! Ive been slaving away on my portfolio aswell as having a little trip back to London to see Matt Timms at his new job on The Amazing World Of Gumball.

So here's a bit of my expression page for a character Im working on for my portfolio. Ill put them all up as soon as they are all cleaned up.

And thank you to those of you who are following this blog and leaving comments. It makes my day, it does! Over 100 followers! Yeeeeey!


  1. Hey Gillian! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your work is incredible! Such great character designs! Consider me a fan of your work! :)

  2. OOOooh Gillibean u legend! over 100??? Nice! Your work is amazing! Well deserved

  3. Hi Gillian,
    Thanks for your kinds comments on my blog. I definitively love your animals rough sketches!
    Want to return and sketch to the zoo now!
    Beautiful portfolio too ;)

  4. Nice! looking forward to seeing all the work together!

  5. A well deserved 100! well 105 now! Cant wait to see your character cleaned up the little preview looks awesome =D


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