Monday, 13 June 2011

Does she have 'Appeal'?

As you may know, if you read my previous post, I was at Annecy last week with my new portfolio, ready in hand to be ripped apart by the PROFESSIONALS and I was lucky enough to get a review from PAUL BRIGGS, head of story at WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS. He was very kind and made my day by saying, 'Wow! You can really draw.......but.....your characters lack appeal".

Completely fair criticism, so help me out please, in my search for giving my characters more appeal! How does this chicky do? Does she look like someone you'd like? Want to get to know?

You can also look back to my first designs of this girl....embarrassingly! I may not be a super duper character designer yet but I'm definitely learning!


  1. Ahh..the elusive "appeal"...
    I think she's appealing:)
    Perhaps a smaller rounder nose, and round cheek to play off against the pointed chin?

  2. While I think she's really really adorable I can't help but think she's just your average lonely-yet-lovely young lady just waiting for her fairy godmother or prince. As far as "appeal" goes, have you thought about experimenting with a different outfit, headdress or even facial characteristics might help.

    What if she had shorter hair to really draw attention to those big eyes (I'm a huge fan of big eyes, btw). Or maybe there was something noticeably peculiar about her - one foot bigger than the other, missing finger, I don't know, something to make her stand out from all the other characters / people.

    I think this is a wonderful illustration - and start - and has potential for much more. Keep working at it and I'm sure she will turn into something with more "appeal".

    Nice work.

  3. Funny you should say hevan, this is a character that begins super sweet but we soon find out that something terrible happened to her and her appearance changes to short, plain hair and a much more interesting costume! I'll have to make sure that that design really has the appeal.

    Her nose is quite large isn't it!? I'll bring those proportions downs little and soften her face.

    Thanks for the help guys!

  4. Appeal? We're gonna make her a star!

  5. You should look at your favourite characters from Disney films and try to figure out why they are so memorable for you. If it's a personality thing, what is it about the illustration which enables it to match the actor's portrayal of the character?


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