Sunday, 12 June 2011

Annecy Festival d'Animation 2011

It has been and gone! But it was a wonderful week in France despite the groggy weather. We caught up with some old AIB-ers, (Ben, Mikey, Ash, Kayvon, Leo, Adrian, lecturers and colleagues from various places. The movies were a mixed bag but a lot of very impressive stuff. Here are some of my favourites...

The Monster of Nix / Teaser 01 from Studio Rosto A.D on Vimeo.

Another reason for Annecy being a great festival to attend, is the book shop in the Bonlieu. Oooooh what a treat for the animation and comic fan! We got some lovely booty!

The Bonlieu also provided space for meeting the stars!



  1. Awesome post - will check out those vids later on so at least I can get some Annecy vibes :)
    lol you're right, that guy does look like such a nerd! ;)

  2. Hi Gil!

    +1 for The Backwater Gospel and rabbin's cat for me!
    it a shame to not cross your road at Annecy, lot's of Lux and french friend and me was in Annecy.
    Maybe here for the next sketchcrawl!

    Here my blog if you want to see my favorites Annecy's movies:

    Matthias from Luxembourg!


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