Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Character Sketchbook!

 Yey! My new book is now available to buy from my Etsy store! 

I put this book together in preparation for CTNX back in November and luckily it seemed to go down pretty well. I managed to sell all the books I had taken with me (aside from the ones I used for swapsies!).  

Now Ive ordered another load in, so those of you who were interested but couldn't be there at CTNX can now grab yourself a copy on my Etsy store, just in time for Christmas! 

It's full of lots of new designs as well as some old ones, zoo sketches from my time in Paris with Joe Weatherly and life drawing sessions from work. 

You can also treat yourself to a little bundle dealio of both my books to save on shipping!   


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