Monday, 21 January 2013

38th Sketchcrawl: London

 This weekend saw the 38th Sketchcrawl and if you were in London this weekend, you'll know how bloomin' freezing it was! 

To my surprise there was a huge number that turned out. Too big even to talk to everyone. But I think a congratulations are in order to everyone who pulled themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning to go sit in a cold museum and draw during a snow weekend!

We went to the Tate Modern and worked our way up and down the floors finding various warm spots to sit in but the best drawing was probably in the Turbine Hall. 

Fun day, but I was glad to get home, drink hot tea and play video games!


  1. Beautiful sketches, especially that mustached man with the camera. Love the line work and flow in that one. I've been hitting the sketchbook hard since the new year since it's been neglected for far too long, and it's great to see stuff like this. Very motivating!

  2. Hi Gillian, lovely sketches! Thanks for organising the day it was great fun.

  3. Great sketches Gillian. Well done for braving the cold!
    Great to hear you went sketching with Sue! She's a real globetrotter!


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