Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Meanie Clowns

Some creepy/pervy looking clowns for y'all this evening! I did colour these up, but they looked really naf so I just left them black and white. I think it adds to the creepiness!


  1. Great clowns! (in a creepy sorta way) Clowns are already creepy looking to begin with anyway.

  2. oof that second one is the best/scariest!
    (the third reminds me of the bank manager in Despicable Me :P)

  3. Hi Gilli!
    I'm trying to sculpt one of the evil clowns.
    Here's a wip: http://rodrigoortega.com/clown-concept-sculpt-workshop-victor-hugonimbocg/
    I hope you like it :)


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