Monday, 11 June 2012

More NAKEY People!

More nakey people! But at least it's a break away from life drawing, eh? @London_For_Free posted this lovely photo today because yesterday there was a naked bike ride through London. Did this happen in any other cities? Quite a cool thing, but it grosses me out that so many people used the public rental bikes :S I dont like the thought of getting on one of those things once someones coin purse has been pressed up against it all warm and sweaty *shudders*

Maybe someone can help me with some computer settings shizzle too. The colours of the image above are NOT what I see when I save the psd. Why are the colours all washed out and crappy outside of PS?

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  1. I noticed that with my own images when I save them with "Save for Web & Devices" versus just "Save As".

    The problem solved for me when I just "Saved As" and then saved at a smaller size int he next prompt window, to make them not huge for posting.

    Hoep that's what's was going on.


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