Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Portrait of Dorian Gray

This picture has come about as a result of 2 of my new years resolutions.

#1 Read.

I would say read more...but I NEVER read. So I started The Portrait of Dorian Gray a little while ago. I have to finish it within one month, not that I am a slow reader, I just get bored very quickly and find something better and more interesting to do.

#2 Learn Digital Painting/

Although it's something I knew I had to work on, while I was at CTNX the main feedback I got at my Pixar interview was to render my characters in a way that would suit 3D animation better. So my new years resolution was to take some digital painting workshops online. This is my first attempt taking what I learned from Erik D Martin's workshop on CGMWonline. I wasnt too happy with it, it's going to take alot more practise, so Ive only posted this version with the line on to hide my poor painting :(

One baby step at a time...


  1. Nice illustration Good book AND decent old B/W movie with a famous creepy portrait!

  2. Happy New Year :)
    I'm sure you'll get the digital painting thing down soon enough!
    Though, bit surprised that Pixar said you should render more for 3D.... I personally think that's weird advice.... and just a moment ago I was looking at this guy's blog
    who is a character designer at Pixar...... and he keeps his stuff pretty flat u.u
    Don't get me wrong! Still learn how to do it 'cos the more strings to your bow the better! (Wish I could paint :'D)... but I thought character design was all about the 'design' and less about how well it was painted :S
    But Hey! All the best!

  3. Thanks guys.

    Laurent, thanks for the blog, it's really good. And yeah you're right, his stuff is flat. They particularly comments that my cowboy stuff in my folio was too flat for them. Maybe that guys style is just more appealing for them. Cn never please everyone! Why do we do this to ourselves!! Hahaha.

  4. This is looking really nice! You'll nail it in no time. I can't get my head around rendering my characters.

  5. Can I just say, he looks a WEE bit like the Matt Smith version of Dr Who!

  6. Oh my! Thanks so much for the comment :D You're amazing! I geeked out a bit when I saw your blog. Fantastic work

  7. Nice!

    And those are excellent resolutions (I should adopt them myself)! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have seen and adore Bill Pressing's ladies.

    I'm in the same boat as you as far as digital painting goes along with taking that very same workshop! I do love seeing other's work flows but at the same time I was wanting more direct "this is what you do". Maybe it's just one of those things that you have to practice and find what works for you. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :)

    I love your work! I look forward to seeing more.


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