Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Angel (Halo misplaced....)


  1. Have a good holiday and a successful (what IS success?) New Year!

  2. Hahaha. I love how the sparkles in her eyes match her dress <3

  3. I really like the contrast between different textures in this one, the dress vs. the skin really adds a lot of visual interest.
    Have a great Christmas Gillian! ;)

  4. gillian i love it!! love that my little alimah inspired u to draw this- best christmas angel yet :)

  5. Nice...Hope she finds her halo soon! :)

  6. Thanks for your nice comment Gillian^^
    Like your last posts, especially the "Gesture"'s one! I love the posings you did, there are very nice! great job!

  7. Wow, really love your sketches. Flawless.

  8. Awwn, I love the shapes you used!! =)

  9. @DSM MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too! Be good!

    @heather, oh extra points to you for finding the secret wishes! (no sarcasm sounds sarcastic but it's not!)

    @george thanks for noticing! I don't usually do textury stuff but I'm trying to ease myself in slowly.....*thats what she said*

    @Darnell I'm sure she will!

    @rony thanks dude, if you have an iPhone or iPad you should get Stephen silvers Poses app, it's great for gesture drawing.

    @roy kind words! Thank you. Although I wouldn't say flawless but getting better!

    @dani thank you, i think her silhouette is a little unclear but Im working on more stuff with her for Christmas.

    @Michael thank you!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! Thanks for following and commenting, it means a lot :D

  10. Your work is awesome! thank to visiting my blog!
    Happy holidays :)

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