Thursday, 12 May 2011


Part of a fortnightly sketch group with my old Uni chums, we're given a topic to simply draw something from our imagination. This fortnight's topic was Wild West, so of course...Cowboys!

Trying to get myself into a better habit of doing research and fleshing out my character more. I began with these thumbnails, actually I started with better thumbnails but the idiot I am, I deleted them all!

Then with the chosen pose, I fleshed it out and added some details and tone.

Although I was happy with it, it is incredibly boring. I knew I could so better. What was so boring about this image? I thought the angle was very dead and the character proportions could be pushed more.

Taking some sketchbook doodles into Photoshop, I built up the character more, really focusing on shapes and angles.

Added details and tonals.

Colour picking from some Red Dead Redemption art, I blocked in colours, using my tonal as a guide and a reminder of what I want the light to be doing to old Hoyt.

Cleaned it up once more, correcting the shotgun perspective (which I still doesnt work, grr).

Without lines.

With lines.

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